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Andy Rubin’s Essential is staying quiet on the Essential Phone delay

Andy Rubin’s Essential is staying quiet on the Essential Phone delay


Essentially silent

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the essential phone
Photo by Asa Mathat / Recode

Essential, the smartphone maker from Android co-founder Andy Rubin, is staying mum on whether its titular gadget has been delayed. News organizations began pinging the company last week when it was clear Essential missed its 30-day shipping deadline set by Rubin himself at the Code Conference in late May. The company has not appeared to respond to any of these requests, including The Verge’s, leaving pre-order buyers and other interested parties in the dark on the fate of the Android-powered handset.

A missed deadline is not that big of a deal, especially not for a company that didn’t publicly exist until just 40 days ago (and from a startup, and not a big-name manufacturer, no less). But Essential’s silence is more worrisome, as it suggests the problem may be more complicated than a simply manufacturing delay.

Perhaps the phone is ready to ship in the coming days, and Essential is just deploying a hands-off marketing approach to the delay. Still, for those eager to put down nearly $700 for a device, the lack of clarity on a ship date is not reassuring. We’ve reached out to Essential again for comment and we’ll update this story in the event we hear back.