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Soylent is being sold offline for the first time

Soylent is being sold offline for the first time


It’s now available at some 7-Elevens

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Image: Soylent

Silicon Valley’s beloved meal-replacement company Soylent is now available at 18 7-Eleven stores around Los Angeles, California.

Soylent is a ready-to-drink product that claims to provide 20 percent of daily nutritional requirements in 400 calories. It contains ingredients including soy protein, sunflower oil, and isomaltulose, a type of carbohydrate from beets. This marks the first time the drink is available in stores. Previously, those wanting the product had to order from the Soylent site or Amazon.

“It is exciting that the demand for our breakthrough line of drinkable meals has moved beyond e-commerce,” says Rob Rhinehart, Soylent founder and CEO. “This new collaboration with 7-Eleven will make Soylent an even better option for customers looking for convenience without sacrificing their health.”

The first step in a nationwide strategy

Soylent started as a bag of powdered lab-made nourishment, allowing people who were too busy to eat to mix it with water and drink but still get their required nutrients. The product was popularized by the “hacker” lifestyle of efficiency.

Last year, Soylent stopped production of its Soylent Powder and Soylent Bars after discovering they were making people sick. The company found algal flour was causing people to suffer from nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and has since removed the ingredient from its products.

7-Eleven is planning to sell three flavors: Cacao, Cafe, and a new one called Cafe Chai. Online, 12 bottles of Soylent Drink sell for $34, but there’s no word yet on how much they’ll cost at 7-Eleven. Rhinehart says Soylent is looking “forward to building our retail presence nationwide.”