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PayPal’s new plugin helps merchants sell and ship their items internationally

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PayPal now offers a tool to help online sellers reach international markets more easily. The tool comes in the form of a plugin, available on major shopping platforms like Shopify and Magento, that lets customers pay businesses through PayPal.

The program is called Global Sellers, and it’s a partnership between PayPal and WebInterpret, the company that made the plugin. The program promises exposure to more than 60 countries so merchants show up higher on international search results for online shoppers. On the shopper end, buyers will automatically see price conversions to their local currency, and WebInterpret offers local shipping options to facilitate international delivery.

Merchants must first download the PayPal plugin in order to use PayPal on their online shopping platform. The plugin is capable of accepting 25 different currencies, according to PayPal. It’s free to use, but standard PayPal fees apply.

The following countries are included in the program, although users can opt out of any that they choose to:

The program will first launch to eligible merchants in the US, UK, and Germany starting July 12th. Other interested merchants can request a demo at the program page.