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Best of the rest: anti-Prime Day deals from Best Buy, eBay, and more

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No Prime? No problem

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Today, if you haven’t already heard, is Amazon Prime Day, the online retailer’s day of deals for Prime customers. But as Newton’s third law tells us, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (As my college physics professor liked to remind us, that isn’t entirely accurately phrased since the forces are simultaneous rather than an action / reaction pairing, but anyway.)

Therefore, if Amazon is holding a day of deals, everyone else in the online marketplace will simultaneously offer their own deals to entice customers and oppose Amazon’s own sale efforts.

Maybe you don’t like Amazon Prime. Maybe you’re so hungry for deals that one website won’t suffice. Whatever the reason for your alternative shopping, we’ve rounded up the best Prime Day deals that aren’t on Amazon — the best of the rest, if you will.

Our best picks from the various retailers are listed below:

Best Buy