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The first Nintendo Switch video streaming app is coming this week

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The Nintendo Switch launched without any video streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu, with the company only saying these will “come in time.” Four months later and there's little sign of any such service, but Japan is getting its first this week in the shape of Niconico.

A streaming site often compared to YouTube, Niconico is most distinctive for the way that user comments appear directly over livestreams. Japanese gaming companies often use the service for announcements and events, so it makes sense that it'd be the first video app for Switch. Niconico was also the first video app for the PlayStation Vita.

Nintendo's listing for Niconico would also suggest that companies are able to publish apps directly to the Switch eShop outside of major system updates, meaning there may not be much holding back other services from release. Niconico will be available in the Japanese eShop from Thursday, July 13th.