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It's 2017. It's about time our OSes and browsers ship with password managers and VPNs.


I mean, think about it. Every day, we hear about how great VPNs are, and how much safer LastPass is than remembering your passwords. But a minority of Internet users, likely under 10%, perhaps even smaller, are ever going to use these tools. Your average dad or mom wouldn't know what one was if you hit them on the head with it. And worse, given that most free VPNs log data, those who do use VPNs but do not want to pay may actually be worsening their security. It's about time Google, Apple and Microsoft stepped up, and started shipping password managers in their OSes and/or browsers (in Chrome, Android and Windows), as well as VPNs. The password managers should be free, while the VPNs might not neccessarily have to be unlimited, but at least with some sort of free quota per month (e.g. 1GB). Samsung and Opera (with Samsung Pass and Opera VPN respectively), are taking positive baby steps, but Samsung Pass works only with their internet browser, which fewer people use, while Opera is a distant fifth-place in the browser wars.