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Fedora 26 is out...and it's good


Just updated my ancient Dell Inspiron laptop to Fedora 26.

Compared to a few years ago, the update process is a breeze; just open Software, go to Updates, accept the prompt to upgrade, and the system handles the rest. No more command line jiggery-pokery or rebuilding databases; everything just works. I'm sure it never used to be this easy!

Fedora 26 itself is great; a refinement rather than anything world-changing, but the refinements really make a difference.

Gnome 3.24 is the best Gnome has ever been, and the wealth of extensions now means you can do with it pretty much whatever you want. Wayland continues to get better, and performance overall is snappy; particularly given the ancient machine I am running it on.


I'm currently running a pretty minimalist setup on my desktop; Flat-Plat GTK and shell theme with Paper icons, and a few carefully chosen extensions such as Dash to Dock, Weather Extension and Dynamic Panel Transparency. The result is a UI that gets out of your way, lets you get things done, and doesn't overburden you with unnecessary information.

Coupled with the improved performance of Fedora 26 overall, it's a lovely user experience.

Anyone else had a chance to try Fedora 26 yet?