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Refresh your memory of Game of Thrones’ tangled story with this five-minute recap

Ah, those innocent early days

Game of Thrones returns on Sunday, and oh dear has a lot happened since the show first aired in 2011. If you haven’t made time or had the emotional fortitude to sit through six seasons of gut-wrenching deaths, shocks, and scheming, again, HBO has you covered. The show’s official YouTube channel has released a handy, five-minute video that recaps the last six seasons of the show in regards to the its major (remaining) players.

There’s been a lot of turmoil within and without the seven kingdoms, and each character’s journey has taken them far from where they began. Families have been formed, murdered, and torn apart; rulers rise and crumble rapidly. It’s also a nice look at how much the wigs have improved over the last six years (Tyrion, did you get a perm? It’s working for you), as well as a reminder of how sweet and unmarred by tragedy those Stark kids used to be. Oh, how I miss the days when incest was the biggest scandal around.