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Warner Music has acquired Songkick’s concert recommendation app

Not included in the deal is Songkick’s ticketing assets

Image: Songkick

Music discovery and ticketing company Songkick has grown in in the last decade, providing local concert recommendations to users and ticket sales for live events around the world. The company is now dividing up some of its assets, according to Billboard, and is selling its concert discovery features to the Warner Music Group.

Founded in 2007, Songkick developed an app that allows users to track and set up notifications of live events in their area, based on integrations with their music library and online accounts with services such as Soundcloud, Shazam, and Spotify. The company also provides infrastructure for artists to sell tickets directly to their fans and avoid scalper reselling, and resources for artists to market themselves.

The Warner Music Group announced yesterday that in addition to Songkick’s concert discovery app, it would also acquire its related website and trademark. The deal also includes some of Songkick’s employees for those features. The discovery app, which reaches around 15 million people, will now “operate as a standalone brand,” under Warner’s artist and label services division, WEA.

Not included in the deal is Songkick’s ticketing features, which The New York Times says is part of a lawsuit that the company launched against industry giant Ticketmaster. Songkick claims that the retailer has violated antitrust laws and that it has hacked into its systems to steal trade secrets.