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Windows 10’s next update will be called ‘Fall Creators Update’ in the UK after all

Windows 10’s next update will be called ‘Fall Creators Update’ in the UK after all

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Update July 19th, 9:30 PM ET: A Microsoft spokesperson tells The Verge that “Autumn Creators Update” was a mistranslation — the next update will be called the Windows Fall Creators Update everywhere. The original article appears below.

Microsoft is planning to adjust the name of its Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in the UK and elsewhere to Autumn Creators Update. Windows Central has spotted that Microsoft now refers to the fall update as “Autumn Creators Update” on its UK dedicated site. While the German and French versions still refer to it as Fall Creators Update, India has also switched to using Autumn Creators Update.

The name change is an obvious way to avoid confusion in the UK. British Windows 10 users will be more familiar with autumn than fall, the American way to describe the season that marks the transition from summer sunshine to wet winter weather. Brits particularly hate seeing “Favorites” instead of “Favourites” in apps, and Microsoft has typically regionalized Windows as a result. Microsoft did say at Build earlier this year that the company was planning to use the Fall Creators Update branding everywhere, but it’s clear that some feedback (angry Brits) has altered that plan.

Microsoft is expected to deliver the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in September. The software giant is putting the finishing touches to its feature set right now, and some features will be delayed to a future update expected in March 2018.