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LinkedIn's new Windows 10 app brings invite notifications straight to your PC

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Microsoft is bringing one of its LinkedIn goals to life today with the launch of a dedicated LinkedIn app for Windows 10. The software giant finalized its $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn more than six months ago, and promised “LinkedIn notifications within the Windows action center” at the time. It sounded like a special kind of hell, but if you’ve always wanted more LinkedIn notifications then those notifications will now be available as part of this LinkedIn app for Windows 10. Warning: installing this app makes it more difficult to ignore that someone you worked with years ago wants to connect with you on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn app itself looks like a basic web wrapper version for Windows 10, with notification support and a Live Tile. Notifications can be managed within the app, so you don’t have to get a pop-up for every part of LinkedIn and you won’t get spammed with unwanted notifications. Microsoft is starting to roll out LinkedIn within the Windows Store today, and it will be available in all LinkedIn markets by the end of the month.

LinkedIn app for Windows 10