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Facebook’s most-used emoji accurately sum up the platform: hearts and tears

Today is the very real holiday known as World Emoji Day, which means tech luminaries and companies alike are busy celebrating the diminutive, textable icons. Over at Facebook, co-founder Mark Zuckerberg shared the top 10 most used icons on the platform. The result? Everyone is either crying or sending sweet little hearts.

Topping out the list is the laughing with tears emoji — not to be confused with the laughing while rolling with tears emoji, which only ranks No. 4. The rankings are rounded out by a few smiling emoji, for when you neither feel like sobbing or sending your love — my two personal favorite Facebook activities.

There’s no numbered data to accompany the chart, so it’s impossible to tell how much these emoji were used by members or what metric by which this data is even measured. The post also includes a woefully simplified breakdown of which countries use each emoji the most, and which are “especially popular.” The US favors the rolling while crying emoji, for example, while Mexico and Brazil are keen on the heart-eyed emoji. I take it as a comfort, rather than a snub, that the eggplant emoji does not appear even once on this list.

Zuckerberg, ever the renegade, did not use any of the emoji that the graph has proven to be favorites of the average user. Instead, his post plays it straight with the simple smile emoji. Boring.