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The US is reportedly close to separating military-focused Cyber Command from the NSA

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After a long debate, the United States is reportedly moving forward with plans to separate its military-focused Cyber Command branch from the National Security Agency. The changes could be announced in the coming weeks, according to the Associated Press.

Since Cyber Command’s 2009 inception, it has been under the same command as the NSA, but the two operate in different ways: Cyber Command has focused on digital warfare, while the NSA has focused on electronic intelligence gathering. According to the AP, those two roles have caused tension, especially in the battle against ISIS.

Under a new division of authority, Army Lt. Gen. William Mayville would reportedly be nominated to lead Cyber Command, replacing Admiral Michael Rogers, who also leads the NSA. Leadership of the NSA could be turned over to a civilian, according to the AP.

Last year, then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter reportedly sent a plan to President Obama proposing the split, and it seems the Trump administration is prepared to move ahead with those plans. The mechanics of the split — including what the AP describes as Cyber Command’s reliance on the NSA — are still reportedly being worked out.