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LastPass Families makes it easier to share passwords

LastPass Families makes it easier to share passwords

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Password managers like LastPass or 1Password are great for keeping track of all your passwords, but what happens if you share accounts with someone else? Say, the energy bill that you and your spouse both pay, or the Netflix account that all your children mooch off of?

Easily share passwords with family members

LastPass Families is a new feature from LastPass designed to make that a little easier, by safely storing crucial information like passwords, bank account information, or passport numbers. You can then share them with family members as you need to. Families users will be able to quickly add or remove members to the account, as well as decide which passwords get shared with which users — so you can give your kids the cable login without also handing over your credit card information.

LastPass Families supports up to six family members, and will be a separate paid service on top of the now-free standard LastPass and paid LastPass Premium memberships. It’ll launch later this summer, and as a bonus, LastPass Premium members will get access to Families for free for six months when it does launch.

LastPass is also offering early access for users who want to try out the service first, which can be signed up for on the company’s website here.