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Amazon’s Treasure Truck is expanding into other cities

Amazon’s Treasure Truck is expanding into other cities


Does anyone remember this truck?

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Amazon’s Treasure Truck, a truck loaded with daily deals and trendy products, is finally expanding to other US cities. The truck has been limited to Seattle, Amazon’s hometown, since it was first launched 2016, a year after it was announced.

Since its launch, the Treasure Truck has served as a guerrilla marketing tactic for Amazon in Seattle, complete with cosplayers, an occasional free bag of chips, and a football star behind the wheel. In order to be in the loop on what the day’s offer is, Amazon users have to text ‘TRUCK’ to 24193. Then they can choose if they want to buy the product through the mobile app and pick up the goods at the truck.

Amazon’s patent for the Treasure Truck, filed back in 2015, was approved this past January, which could be another reason why the company is finally rolling this out to other cities. So far, Amazon won’t give any further details on which cities the truck will hit next, probably to keep up a sense of mystery. A tweet from the Treasure Truck suggests that the next city could be Ashburn, Virginia.