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The new trailer for Sundance standout Brigsby Bear is spoiler-y but sweet

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Kyle Mooney wrote the script and stars in the film

The new trailer for Dave McCary’s Brigsby Bear is the best look at the film we’ve seen so far. It’s full of spoilers, so you might want to skip it.

If not: it shows Saturday Night Live’s Kyle Mooney escaping from a bio-dome operated by his kidnapper dad Mark Hamill. Wild start!

Out in the real world, Mooney’s character realizes that he’s the only person who’s ever watched his favorite children’s show Brigsby Bear, and goes on a mission to both figure out his life and make the show into a movie. The fish-out-of-water, pop culture-infused film looks as though it borrowed some things from Peter Weir’s modern classic The Truman Show, and possibly from Shira Piven’s 2014 comedy Welcome to Me, which stars Kristen Wiig as a woman so infatuated with Oprah that she decides to spend a lottery jackpot on producing her own daytime talk show.

Brigsby Bear is the feature debut for McCary, who works as a segment director on Saturday Night Live and is a longtime member of the sketch comedy group Good Neighbor, which also includes Mooney, SNL cast-member Beck Bennett, and former SNL writer Nick Rutherford. Mooney wrote the screenplay, and the film was produced by 21 Jump Street producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, as well as all three members of The Lonely Island.

The Verge’s Tasha Robinson saw it at Sundance and called it “the warmest, sweetest movie about creativity since Be Kind Rewind.” It opens in limited release next Friday, July 28th.