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Netflix releases creepy Death Note clip showing Willem Dafoe’s Ryuk

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We’re just under a month away from the debut of Netflix’s live action adaptation of Death Note, the popular manga/anime series from about a decade ago. And at San Diego Comic-Con this afternoon, Netflix used its Hall H presentation to debut a new trailer and a short clip from the movie, the latter of which has just made its way online. The clip shows an early encounter between Light and the death god Ryuk; it gets surprisingly tense for a two-minute snippet and gives a pretty wonderful look at Ryuk’s entrancingly creepy grin.

The film comes from Blair Witch director Adam Wingard and stars Nat Wolff, of The Fault In Our Stars, and Willem Dafoe, of a ton of things but let’s just say The English Patient because I was thinking about it recently and he’s very good in it. The film has already courted some controversy for casting white actors in the leading roles of a Japanese property, so it’s not clear quite how well the film is going to play for longtime fans. Netflix plans to release it on August 25th.