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Legion creator Noah Hawley is working on a Doctor Doom movie

Legion creator Noah Hawley is working on a Doctor Doom movie

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Legion creator Noah Hawley announced at San Diego Comic-Con that he’s working on a film involving Fantastic Four nemesis (and the greatest supervillain ever created) Doctor Doom.

The greatest villain ever created is getting another chance at the movies

Hawley wouldn’t offer any details about the Fox project, according to Variety, only saying, “I’ll just say two words. The first one is Doctor and the next one is Doom.” The announcement creates a whole host of questions about what direction the writer-producer will take the character in, and how the movie will fit into 20th Century Fox’s own Marvel film universe.

Doctor Doom, otherwise known as Victor Von Doom, is a sorcerer and scientist who rules the fictional nation of Latveria with an iron fist. Though he’s the Fantastic Four’s archenemy, having appeared in all three of Fox’s failed Fantastic Four movies, he’s run into several several Marvel superheroes over the years. He even managed to take over what was left of the Marvel multiverse during the 2015 Secret Wars event. Needless to say, this is an exciting development for Fox and comics fans.