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The latest trailer for The Gifted shows classic X-Men joining the fight

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Fox’s The Gifted, from X-Men film series director Bryan Singer, promises to bring more mutant action to television, and fans got another close look at San Diego Comic-Con. The latest trailer shows classic X-Men like Thunderbird and Polaris joining the fight against mutant persecutors — but there’s no telling if their powers will be enough to save the new mutants joining the resistance.

The Gifted, starring True Blood alum Stephen Moyer, fan favorite Amy Acker, and others, follows a family on the run from the government after they discover their children have mutant abilities. What’s significant is that the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants have seemingly vanished, so those with abilities must fend for themselves against those who would see them captured or worse.

The Gifted will join FX’s Legion in Fox and Marvel’s new efforts to expand the X-Men universe on television, though there are reportedly no plans for the show to cross over into the larger X-Men film universe. The series debuts on Fox on October 2nd.