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The new Stranger Things trailer is full of Michael Jackson and terror

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Turn everything upside-down

Today at San Diego Comic Con, Netflix premiered a new trailer for it’s highly anticipated second season of its supernatural show Stranger Things. And from what we’ve seen, there’s plenty more ‘80s nostalgia. But the Upside-Down — and the monsters within it — is coming for Will Byers and everyone he loves.

We got our first glimpse of season 2 back in February during the Super Bowl. That brief teaser showed that the show was still mining the 1980s for nostalgic purposes, promising to turn the world upside-down, along with some bigger, stranger monsters.

This trailer makes particularly effective use of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, using Vincent Price’s classic, funky voiceover to ratchet up the horror. And, of course, the show isn’t done with Eleven yet, showing her pushing her way out of the upside-down back into our world.

Earlier this month, Netflix announced that it was bumping the show’s return up by a couple of days to October 27th, releasing a poster that revealed that there’s still plenty of Stephen King references to look forward to.