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Westworld’s season 2 trailer shows the robot uprising has just begun

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I want to live, not merely survive

Westworld’s Season 2 trailer was just shown today by HBO at Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, and the host uprising has finally come. The spot starts with a player piano starting up and Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) staring at the body of a dead tiger, all while “I Gotta Be Me” by Sammy Davis Jr. cheerfully plays on in the background. Soon after, we see Maeve (Thandie Newton) looking calmly over a scene of carnage, and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) on horseback, aiming a gun at partygoers. The Man in the Black’s face is splattered by blood and he smiles slowly.

Westworld won’t return until 2018 and a specific date has not been announced yet. Thanks to how ambitious the production is and where creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy want to take their story, the second season will take some time before it debuts. In an interview with Variety, Nolan said, “It’s an ambitious project, and HBO has encouraged us to take the time and resources that we need to work on each stage of that.”

Not that fans mind. Comic-Con this year featured a venue transformed to look like Westworld, and it’s easy to imagine devotees spending the next several months theorizing about where the show will go.