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Star Trek: Discovery’s incredible Comic-Con trailer shows a cold war with the Klingons

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The Comic-Con trailer for Star Trek: Discovery just landed, and it’s the best look yet at the new series. Here, the Federation is on the verge of a cold war with a resurgent Klingon Empire, and Starfleet Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), the first officer aboard the USS Shenzhou, finds herself caught in the middle of the growing conflict.

Star Trek: Discovery has long been a troubled production, having to deal with delays and loss of showrunner Bryan Fuller. However, it’s really starting to look like it’s come together in time for its fall debut on CBS. The Klingons look particularly menacing in this outing as the core antagonists. Thought they don’t exactly look like the iconic race from the Next Generation era, Chris Obi (American Gods), who plays Klingon captain T’Kuvma, looks every bit as intimidating as any version of the characters from the past.

Star Trek: Discovery debuts on CBS on September 24th.