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Comic-Con 2017 trailer round-up: Stranger Things, Justice League, Thor: Ragnarok, and more

Comic-Con 2017 trailer round-up: Stranger Things, Justice League, Thor: Ragnarok, and more

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San Diego Comic-Con is wrapping up, and it’s been a crazy week of news from across the entertainment industry. But in recent years, the show has become just as much about the big trailer reveals for upcoming blockbusters as it has been about panels for fans and, you know, actual comic books.

Just in case you managed to lose track of a couple of the biggest announcements, we’ve rounded up all the biggest and best trailers from Comic-Con in one place for your viewing convenience. Dive on in below:

Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel may unfortunately be keeping its trailer for Avengers: Infinity War under wraps for now, so fans will have to take solace in the neon-soaked synthesizers of a new Thor: Ragnarok trailer, which might just be the most fun a superhero movie has had in a long time.

Justice League

Coming off the massive success of Wonder Woman, the biggest question for DC going into Comic-Con was whether or not it could make lightning strike twice this year with its own superhero team up, Justice League. The new trailer gives us our first look at villain Steppenwolf, while showing off some of the superhero action that you’d hope for from a film the features DC’s biggest heroes.

Stranger Things, Season 2

Netflix came to Comic-Con to play ball, and nothing made as big as an impression than the Thriller-scored trailer for Stranger Things, season 2, which looks like it’s ramping up the supernatural craziness of the first season to a whole new level. October can’t come soon enough.

Marvel’s The Defenders

Marvel’s Defenders TV series on Netflix is just a few weeks away, and this new trailer should serve as the perfect tide-me-over while we wait until August to arrive to unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

Westworld, Season 2

Westworld won’t return for its second season until sometime next year, but HBO showed up with a surprise first look. It seems that the robot uprising that began last year is in full swing,

Star Trek: Discovery

The jury is still out on Star Trek: Discovery — the show has been plagued with tons of difficulties in making its way to our screens — but the new trailer CBS showed off at Comic-Con goes a long way toward quelling those doubts, with a look at a Star Trek universe unlike any we’ve seen before.

Ready Player One

Ernest Cline’s popular ode to the 80s is getting a big budget feature film — directed by none other than Steven Spielberg — and Warner Bros. took some time to give fans the first look at the upcoming movie. In short: this movie looks like a wall to wall nostalgia-fest, that’s stuffed with action to boot.

The Walking Dead, Season 8

The Walking Dead is back for its eight season, and war is coming to the zombie-infested apocalypse. As for the mysterious flash-forward look at elderly Rick? We’ll have to wait until the show returns to find out.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

20th Century Fox only had one movie to show off at Comic-Con, with a new look at Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Fans of the first movie pleased with the franchise’s frenzied action scenes and winking sense of humor should have a lot to look forward to when it arrives this fall.


Netflix didn’t just bring a slew of highly anticipated TV shows to Comic-Con this year — it had Bright, a Will Smith-starring, big-budget urban fantasy film that looks to prove that the streaming service can compete with big studios when it comes to offering blockbuster-level fare.

Honorable Mentions

There are too many trailers for even a roundup post like this to cover, but we’ve compiled a list of all the ones that didn’t quite make the best of the best over here so you can easily catch up on all the Comic-Con craziness.