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Giphy now lets you create ridiculous GIFs on mobile without an app

Giphy now lets you create ridiculous GIFs on mobile without an app

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Giphy is launching another GIF-creation tool today, and the big hook is that there’s nothing to install. Its latest tool is on the web and designed for mobile, so you can just visit the site and start creating a weird GIF. I uploaded a photo of my cat, and I’m sorry to say that I’ve turned it into the GIF you see above.

The mobile GIF Maker site offers the same kind of irreverent experience that Giphy’s other GIF-making tools do. You can take or upload a photo or video and then add text, stickers, and other animations on top of them, so you’re basically putting GIFs on top of a GIF. New to the mobile website is a drawing tool that lets you create wiggly lines. There’s also a feature called “Dog/Cat Draw,” which is where you draw... but your ink is an increasingly long dog / cat.

As stupidly fun as Giphy’s other GIF-making tools

The site is also supposed to let you make GIFs out of photos and videos you’ve found elsewhere, like a YouTube video, but I couldn’t get that feature to work. I only tried the site on my Android phone, and I got the impression that the site was probably designed more with iOS in mind. For instance, I had to use the Files app (which presents everything on your phone in an endless list) to browse through my photos, rather than being able to look through Google Photos.

Still, the site works once you’ve picked out or taken your photo, it’s simple to use, and Giphy pretty much makes it impossible to not make something that’s stupidly fun. It offers a somewhat different experience than the Giphy Cam app, too, though the real benefit here is that more people will be able to access it, since it’s just a matter of visiting a website and not installing a 178MB app first.