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Lyft's 'Taco Mode' lets you take a stop at Taco Bell for late-night cravings

Do you want to do something fun?

Taco Mode

Lyft has partnered with Taco Bell to launch “Taco Mode” a feature in the ride-hailing app that will let you hit the drive-through at a Taco Bell and get a free Doritos Locos Taco. Yes, Lyft has made drunk ordering bad tacos from the back seat an official marketing opportunity.

According to TechCrunch, the partnership will offer passengers an in-car menu, free food (other than the Doritos Los Taco), and “swag” to entice you to choose Taco Bell over other late-night food options.

Right now, the tie-in is only available in Orange County, California, between July 27th and 30th and August 3rd and 6th, between the hours of 9PM and 2AM. Lyft says it will expand Taco Mode into additional markets before the end of 2017, with a nationwide rollout scheduled for 2018.