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This is probably your last chance to get an NES Classic (update: sold out)

This is probably your last chance to get an NES Classic (update: sold out)


ThinkGeek has them back in stock, but they’re only in bundles

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(Update 5:20pm: All sold out).

Missed out on the NES Classic? Already eagerly looking forward to being disappointed by not being able to purchase a SNES Classic this fall? Well, don’t give up hope just yet. ThinkGeek (which is owned by GameStop) has just put up one last batch of the NES Classic on its website.

There is a catch, though

There is one catch, though: ThinkGeek isn’t selling the mini retro console as a standalone item for the usual retail price of $59.99. Rather, there’s a choice of six bundles ranging from $139.99 (which gets you the console, three canvas art prints, a Zelda jigsaw puzzle, and a Piranha Plant puppet) to $219.99 (for a bundle that includes a wearable Mega Man helmet, arm cannon, and mug). Still, even considering the fact that you’re stuck with the extra bundled items, it’s a better deal than almost anything we’ve seen these days on the secondhand market.

Image: ThinkGeek

This also might be the last time the discontinued console goes on sale online, so if you’ve been trying to get one, I don’t know what you’re still doing here reading this post.

Supplies of the console — even though they’re being sold with extra baggage in bundles — will probably run out very fast if past history is anything to go by, so best of luck. If not, it’s never too early to start camping out on the SNES Classic preorder pages.