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EasilyDo Mail gets Gmail-like smart replies and a new name

EasilyDo Mail gets Gmail-like smart replies and a new name


Goodbye, EasilyDo. Hello, Edison

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Email by EasilyDo has been my favorite email application for iOS and Android for a while now, thanks to its lightning-fast speed, clean design, and useful features. Now it’s getting a few more nice additions.

First among those is a Smart Reply feature, similar to Google’s own recent addition to the Gmail application for iOS and Android. According to the company, the EasilyDo implementation uses deep learning, but unlike other apps with smart reply, the entirety of the feature runs solely on your device, which should be good news for anyone concerned about security. The only downside? Smart Reply is only coming to EasilyDo’s iOS app for now; Android users will have to wait until later this year for it.

Additionally, the company is adding a new “Security Assistant” feature (for both Android and iOS) that claims to be able to help identify if your email account has been compromised in a data leak or hack.

Along with the new updates, the company announced that it’s changing its name from “EasilyDo” to Edison, which honestly feels like a far better and more mature brand name.

The Smart Reply feature for the newly rechristened Edison Mail should be hitting iOS shortly, while the new Security Assistant should be rolling out to both platforms soon.