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Apple has to pay $506 million for using processor technology patented by a school

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More than double the previous ruling

Apple iPad event setup

A US judge ruled that Apple must pay the University of Wisconsin-Madison $506 million for infringing on its patent. This amount is more than double the amount originally decided on by a jury, according to Reuters. The ruling continues a two-year-old patent-infringement battle, which may not be over.

In October 2015, a jury ruled that Apple committed patent infringement when creating mobile chips used in its iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPad Air. The A7, A8, and A8X processors used in the iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus were found to have benefited from the university’s patented technology. Apple was ordered to pay $234 million in damages, although the company maintained its innocence and claimed that it had its own patent for the technology in question.

The increased amount of $506 million is punishment for Apple’s continual infringement of the patent following the 2015 ruling, said district judge William Conley. Apple was found to continue to use these processors and continue infringing until the patent expired in 2016. Originally, the judge set the maximum damages for the trial to be $862 million, but the damages were then limited as Apple’s infringement was found to be without intent.

Apple is appealing the new ruling in the federal circuit and declined to comment.