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Bourne Identity composer John Powell will score the upcoming Han Solo movie

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The third composer to score a live-action Star Wars film

83rd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Last year, Rogue One marked a small, but significant departure within the larger Star Wars universe: Michael Giacchino, rather than legendary composer John Williams, was in charge of scoring the film. Now, Lucasfilm has announced that another new composer will take the reins for the next standalone film: John Powell, best known for his work on the Bourne and How to Train Your Dragon franchises.

Powell has produced some excellent soundtracks over the years. His work on the Bourne films is pretty much constantly on in the background when I’m writing. He’s a composer who really excels at driving tension in a film, and I’m really interested in seeing what he comes up with.

While John Williams certainly can’t be expected to score every upcoming Star Wars film — he is working on the score for The Last Jedi it’s incredibly difficult to fill his shoes. Rogue One’s score was a place where the film really fell short, something that a fan edit of the film aptly demonstrated when it replaced Giacchino’s score with that of Williams’. That’s not entirely surprising, given that Giacchino really only had a couple of months to put together the music after Alexandre Desplat’s departure from the project, and hopefully, with all of the changes that are taking place on the set of the Han Solo film, Powell will put together a memorable score that lives up to its predecessors.

The still as-of-yet untitled Han Solo film is scheduled to hit theaters on May 25th, 2018.