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Sneaky Zebra’s San Diego Comic-Con video captures the essence of cosplay

Sneaky Zebra’s San Diego Comic-Con video captures the essence of cosplay


Fantastic costumes of everything from Rick & Morty to Atomic Blonde

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If you ever miss one of the huge Comic-Cons, it’s always worth checking out the music videos from filmmaking duo Sneaky Zebra. They attended San Diego Comic-Con last week, and put together a catchy video that captures the essence of what attracts people to cosplaying.

Sneaky Zebra has attended San Diego and other big conventions in past years, and they’ve captured a wide range of the costumers showing off their recent creations and their favorite poses, set to “The Wild Life” by Outasight. The costumes on display include characters from Archer, Rick & Morty, Doctor Strange, Westworld, Wonder Woman, and more, as well as all types of mashups of different stories and characters.

But what makes these videos stand out is that they don’t just feature fleeting glimpses of cosplayers wandering around the convention hall. They capture the essence of what attracts people to the hobby. They portray people becoming the character that they’re dressed up as, either by showing off an iconic pose, or reenacting a moment that the character is known for.

This latest video is full of moments like this, opening appropriately with Baby Driver rocking out to the music. It features things like J. Jonah Jameson ranting about Spider-Man ruining Comic-Con, Doctor Strange opening a portal, and Adam West’s Batman dancing.

All in all, this latest video is a good overview of what you missed, whether you stayed at home, or simply didn’t pass them when you were braving the crowds in Southern California last week.