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Cortana’s new Fitbit skill lets you log fitness progress with your voice

Cortana’s new Fitbit skill lets you log fitness progress with your voice

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Microsoft launched a set of skills for Cortana at its Build developers conference earlier this year, and today it’s adding Fitbit support. Cortana skills are similar to Amazon’s own Alexa skills, allowing Microsoft’s digital assistant to connect to third-party apps and services. The new Fitbit skill will allow Cortana users to monitor their health and fitness goals on Windows 10, Android, iOS, and any other devices that support Cortana.

The Skill works by saying “Hey Cortana, ask Fitbit how I am doing today,” and you can also ask how you slept or how much water you’ve consumed in a day. Where the Cortana and Fitbit integration gets interesting is the ability to log activities directly to Fitbit with your voice. You can say “Hey Cortana, tell Fitbit to log I had an omelet for breakfast” and Cortana will add this to your Fitbit account. Amazon’s Alexa skill for Fitbit doesn’t currently support this two-way interaction, and it’s something that would be particularly useful on a Cortana-powered speaker or the Amazon Echo.

You can enable the new Cortana Fitbit skill over on Microsoft’s Cortana site, but it’s only available in the US for now. Microsoft says other markets will be added over time.