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Airbnb will now let users leave reviews even if they don’t complete their entire stay

Warn others about listings that aren’t up to snuff


Today, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority announced a change is coming to Airbnb that will allow users to leave an online review even if they haven’t completed their full stay. Previously, these types of reviews could only be left with the assistance of Airbnb’s customer services department.

There are numerous reasons why someone might leave a property early — if a listing is run down and doesn’t meet the expectations presented online, for example, or if a host’s behavior makes the guest feel uncomfortable or unsafe. And now guests can easily give others a heads up on why they left without any extra barriers.

The change comes in response to enquiries by the CMA, which acts as the UK’s primary consumer authority, after it became aware that people who chose not to stay at a property when they arrived had no way to leave a review through Airbnb’s standard system. Airbnb has committed to implement the change worldwide by August 31st of this year.