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Apple CarPlay is coming to select Mini and Aston Martin models

Apple CarPlay is coming to select Mini and Aston Martin models


Expect the rollouts later this year

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Apple CarPlay

Apple’s automotive infotainment system CarPlay is coming to two new premium makes: Aston Martin and Mini. 9to5Mac noticed that the CarPlay page on Apple’s website was updated today with new models from the European manufacturers.

For Mini, CarPlay will arrive a little later this year in the Tech Pack or Media Pack XL trims of the 2018 Countryman and 2018 Clubman. That means it still probably won’t be coming to the existing models, much to the chagrin of our own Thomas Ricker, who found the 2017 Countryman lacking in the infotainment department.

On the Aston side of things, CarPlay will be available in 2017 Vantage, Vanquish, Rapide, and DB9 Volante. These new additions are mere additions to an already long list, because CarPlay is now available on more than 200 different models across nearly 50 manufacturers.

CarPlay is available on 200 models from nearly 50 makes

A luxury make like Aston Martin adding something simple and candy-colored like CarPlay to its own infotainment ecosystem might sound a bit weird, but it’s far from out of the ordinary at this point. Aston is joining luxury brands like Ferrari and Porsche in adding CarPlay compatibility, and there are very few holdouts left in that space. Turns out people like simplicity, regardless of how much money they spend.

Besides, even the some $300,000 2017 Vanquish is far from the most expensive car with CarPlay functionality. That title is basically shared at this point by two companies with $1.9 million supercars: Lamborghini with the 2017 Centenario, and Koenigsegg with the Regera.