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Final Fantasy XV’s ultra luxurious Regalia car is coming to Forza Horizon 3

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Prince Noctis’ ride is taking on some new terrain. On August 1st, the Regalia — the sleek, luxurious car at the center of Final Fantasy XV — will be available as a downloadable add-on for Forza Horizon 3 on both Xbox One and Windows 10. The car will be available as a free download to players of both games; according to Microsoft, if you’ve played either game you should be getting a message with a redeemable code on the 1st.

While the Regalia is a bit outlandish — it has the ability to fly, after all — it was also designed in large part with realism in mind, so it might not feel too out of place in Forza. “I personally love cars as well, so I not only drew on elements that generate a sense of royalty, dignity, elegance, and intellect but also referenced many real-life cars — my own car; my friend’s cars; cars seen on TV, in movies, and in magazines; as well as cars I discovered while gathering sources,” FFXV artist Yusaku Nakaaki told me last year. “In order to retain a sense of authenticity, I was mindful of current auto trends and factory-manufactured products when designing the Regalia.”

This isn’t the first time Forza has introduced iconic fictional cars to its races. Halo’s Warthog is already playable in Horizon 3, while Forza 6 featured a pair of post-apocalyptic rides from the wastelands of Fallout.