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Forget Super Soakers — check out this molten metal squirt gun

Forget Super Soakers — check out this molten metal squirt gun


Awesomely dangerous

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Video via The Backyard Scientist

YouTuber Kevin Kohler, aka The Backyard Scientist, has done all sorts of weird, amazing, and also probably dangerous things in the name of science and needing an excuse to set things on fire. Though he’s played with metal plenty in the past — from pouring molten aluminum in a watermelon to dropping an iPhone in a homemade foundry filled with molten metal — for his new video he’s created a combination of wholesomeness and danger even greater than that of lawn darts: a squirt gun that shoots molten pewter.

The squirt gun is made out of stainless steel. Kohler used pewter for its low melting point, which is around 400 degrees. After finishing the build, he puts it to work, blasting an array of objects with variable effect. It cuts straight through a pewter pitcher like a laser; creates a pancake-like puddle when shot against glass (which satisfyingly peels off in one, giant piece); turns into a weird, granular texture when shot into water; and sadly, has no effect on a watermelon.

If all that’s not enough, stick around for the end where he turns the squirt gun into a flamethrower, because what else are you going to do when you run out of pewter to melt?