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Let this Game of Thrones chatbot refresh your memory on what everyone’s up to

And who’s still alive

Game of Thrones Season 4 promotional still (HBO) Image courtesy of HBO

As Game of Thrones approaches its seventh year, it can be tricky to remember where we last saw our favorite characters, let alone the minor ones that have died along the way. And then there’s the general trivia, like the names of Daenerys’ dragons (all of which sound like futuristic tech companies). To help fans get ready for the new season, a London creative agency called Catch created the “GoTBot”— a Facebook chatbot that acts as a digital encyclopedia.

GoTBot will answer your burning Game of Thrones queries with facts, GIFs, and jokes. (“What is Hodor's favorite cereal? Raisin Bran.”) The bot started as a game of “dead or alive” with characters before blooming into a more comprehensive chatbot that can give you family trees, nicknames, a character’s house, and more. It’s also savvy enough to tell when you’ve ventured outside the show’s boundaries; my hopeful question about Lady Stoneheart, for example, was quashed with a suggestion for a related character instead.

You can try the chatbot out for yourself via Facebook. The bot’s creators clearly have a sense of humor about the show and do a fair amount of trolling when it comes to characters like Jon Snow (spoilers for season 6 in the image below). Glad to see we’re all on the same thirst level.