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Amazon’s new home makeover show will feature products you can buy on Amazon

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Amazon has thought of another way to combine commerce and entertainment, emphasis on commerce. Its new home makeover series, Overhaul, will follow YouTubers redesigning their homes. As they watch, viewers will be able to purchase products they see on the show — directly through Amazon.

Overhaul will exist in part of a “special hub” on Amazon that is meant to facilitate easy shopping, according to Business Insider. It’s not clear if viewers will be able to click through the video to buy products in the show, or if the products will just be advertised alongside the video.

But Amazon is not shy about the fact that Overhaul is a store as much as a show. “This is the first time Amazon has had a co-branded storefront tied to a video series,” Kristiana Helmick, Amazon’s director of home innovation, told Business Insider.

According to BI, the first two episodes of the six-episode series will star YouTube baker Rosanna Pansino and beauty vlogger Teni Panosian. Pansino and Panosian will also share their episodes of Overhaul on their popular YouTube channels.

Even as Amazon continues to focus on making and buying prestige original series and movies, it’s still an e-commerce platform at heart. As the company becomes more of a powerhouse streaming service, its viewers will provide a useful captive audience to companies trying to sell things.