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The BBC is shelling out $44 million to turn kids away from YouTube and Netflix

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Games, vlogs, and quizzes to come

The BBC announced today that it plans to spend about $44 million (£34 million) in online children’s content across the next three years, responding to the rise of Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. The plan goes into effect immediately.

The funding will go into making personalized online programs for kids, including video, live online program clips, vlogs, podcasts, quizzes, games and apps. According to the network, the programs will be made out of “bespoke commissioned content, re-purposed BBC Archive and third-party content from education/cultural bodies.” These features will go alongside traditional BBC kids television channels like BBC Bitesize, for education, and the hilariously named CBeebies, for ages six and under.

This new shift in company policy comes about as YouTube has become the favorite brand of 70% of kids aged 6-12, according to the BBC annual report, and as the BBC fights to remain relevant in an increasingly digital landscape.