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Lyft is now doing over 1 million rides per day

Lyft is now doing over 1 million rides per day

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Hand holding iPhone with Lyft app open

Lyft just announced that it’s now providing over 1 million rides per day in a blog post that highlights the company’s growth and momentum in its continued battle with Uber. Lyft’s ride-hailing service has spread to cover “nearly 80 percent of the US population.” For the whole of 2016, Lyft recorded a total of a little over 160 million rides. So it’s still gaining on Uber, but there’s a long way to go.

Just last week, Uber announced its own milestone of having reached 5 billion cumulative rides. There’s no mistaking that Uber is just way bigger. And that’s reflected in the dominating grip that Lyft’s primary rival has on marketshare (77 percent as of May). The various scandals, declining customer satisfaction, and Travis Kalanick’s forced departure don’t seem to be undermining Uber’s overall business. (And drivers often tune out the unending drama.) But Lyft is trying to position this million-rides-per-day marker as a sign of its own upward movement and rapid expansion.

“For 48 consecutive months, Lyft has experienced ride growth in excess of 100 percent year over year,” the company wrote in its blog post. And Lyft continues to tout hospitality and offering a superior experience to riders and drivers alike as its biggest priorities.