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This gorgeous American Gods montage moves as slowly as the show’s plot

The TV adaptation of American Gods has an elegant quality to it, despite its sex, gore, and violence. Actors are given the screen time to deliver both excellent performances and lengthy monologues, and episodes travel away from the overarching story of main character Shadow Moon to deliver mystical tales about gods. The show has a visual language that is undeniably eye-catching, but it’s a slow show, one that asks you to admire the scenery while the story plods along.

Perhaps that’s why a montage of some of American Gods’ slo-mo action scenes feels so appropriate. The video, spotted by io9, is the work of cinematographer Zackery Ramos-Taylor. In “American Gods - Slowing Down The Action,” Ramos-Taylow combs through some of the series’s most beautiful moments, set to the song “Perfect Day.” Maybe season 2 can play with speeding things up a little.