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T-Mobile’s good unlimited data plan just got $5 more expensive

T-Mobile’s good unlimited data plan just got $5 more expensive

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T-Mobile just raised the price on its T-Mobile One Plus unlimited data plan by $5, which now makes the add-on to the company’s base One unlimited plan $10 extra per month. That fee is on top of the $70 / month price for a single line that the One plan costs, making the new total $80 / month, instead of the previous $75 monthly fee.

That’s a shame since the One Plus is really the “good” unlimited data plan from T-Mobile. It adds unlimited HD video streaming instead of throttling you to 480p resolution, unlimited mobile hot spot use (the first 10GB of which are at LTE speed), free in-flight Wi-Fi from Gogo, and faster international data (roughly 256 Kbps instead of 128 Kbps on the regular One plan).

Business Insider reports that a T-Mobile spokesperson commented that the price increase is simply due to the end of a promotional period. Customers who already subscribe to T-Mobile’s One Plus plan at the old price will be grandfathered in, and will be able to continue paying the lower rate.

The new $80-per-month price on T-Mobile’s One Plus now matches Verizon’s unlimited plan with similar HD video and tethering perks. AT&T’s full unlimited plan is still the most expensive, coming in at $90 per month for a single line.