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Doomfist finally arrives as Overwatch’s newest hero

Doomfist finally arrives as Overwatch’s newest hero

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Overwatch’s latest hero has just been announced, and it’s none other than Doomfist, a character players have been eagerly anticipating since his first mention dating all the way back to the game’s original cinematic trailer.

Doomfist — real name Akande Ogundimu — wields the eponymous cybernetic glove. He is an Assault-class hero working for the villainous Talon organization, a group that also includes the skull-faced mercenary Reaper, sniper Widowmaker, and hacker Sombra.

Combat-wise, Doomfist is able to fire short-range, shotgun-like bursts from his gauntlet, unleash a powerful ground pound attack called Seismic Slam, fling characters into the air using his Rising Uppercut ability, and charge up a powerful Rocket Punch to slam enemies into walls. For his ultimate ability, Doomfist can unleash his Meteor Strike attack, where he’ll leap into the air and smash down to deal a widely damaging smash, which looks perfect for clearing enemy players off the objective. Doomfist also generates a personal shield to offer extra defense as he uses abilities, encouraging players to be as active as possible when playing as the new hero.

Doomfist is available for PC players to try out today on the game’s Public Test Realm (PTR) servers, and should be rolling out to consoles and main servers in the coming weeks.