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You can now stream Steam games to play on your Samsung smart TV

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Steam Link comes to Samsung’s app store

steam big picture beta

If you’ve got a 4K Samsung smart TV with access to the Samsung app store, you can now stream Steam games to your TV to play directly on the big screen with the new Steam Link app that’s now out in beta, via Engadget.

Just like the Steam Link set top box, the Steam Link app allows for users to stream games from their Steam libraries to play on a Samsung smart TV, assuming they have a strong enough network connection to pull it off. According to PC Gamer, the app works with the Steam Controller and a wired Xbox 360 controller for now, with more controller options said to be in the works.

Currently, the app supports 1080p resolution at 60fps, with 4K support coming soon. The final release of the Steam Link app for Samsung’s smart TVs is expected later this year.