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Prisma’s new app turns your selfies into chat stickers

Prisma’s new app turns your selfies into chat stickers

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Sticky AI is a new app from Prisma Labs, the second product from the developer following the company’s eponymous AI-powered art filter app that took the web by storm last summer.

But instead of using neural networking to transform your pictures into works of art, Sticky AI sets its sights a bit lower, aiming to create great selfie stickers to use in iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. It’s a simpler goal than Prisma’s artistic ambitions, but having tried out the app for a few minutes, Sticky AI works really well for what it does.

After opening up the app, you can either snap a picture or import it from your photo library. Then, Sticky AI will instantly cut out the background of your picture to leave just the people on a transparent background. (Apparently, all image processing is done directly on your device.) Alternatively, you can press and hold the camera button to take a couple seconds of burst shots that will automatically be stitched together into an animated sticker, or GIF, depending on what your messaging app of choice supports.

Beyond that, there’s not a ton else that you can do. There are two filters: a black-and-white outline effect and a vaguely cartoonish style, which can be added to the picture by tapping on a cutout person. Tapping the background shifts it from transparent to a series of solid colors, and a text icon allows for captions.

The finished sticker can then be sent as an image in iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, or Skype by default, but you can ultimately send the finished product to anything else that accepts images from the iOS Share Sheet. The best way to use Sticky AI is to save the custom sticker to the app, where you can then access it as a native iMessage sticker for a much more seamless way to place it in chat conversations. Is Sticky AI necessarily useful? Hard to say, but if you’re interested in adding some selfie stickers to your group chat, it does seem to be one of the easier ways of making them that I’ve seen so far.

There are a few shortcomings of Sticky AI. The app is designed to only really work with people. I tried to import a picture of a loaf of bread, but was left with the same uncropped rectangle I started with. Pictures where I was holding something like a bottle of beer or a poster resulted in those items getting cropped away. Given Prisma’s photo filter chops, it’s weirdly lacking in filter options to apply to the cropped stickers, although it’s likely that more will be coming soon.

Sticky AI is currently only available on iOS, but should be arriving on Android in the coming weeks.