What do tech enthusiasts think of VidAngel?


I think that as tech people we tend to be able to separate logic from emotion more readily than the general population. It's why sci-fi movies were the first to push equality and such.

So, I'm wondering what all of you think of the VidAngel skirmish that's going on. For the uninformed, VidAngel was basically a streaming site/channel that let you set filters for a movie to cut out language, sex, violence, etc, very specifically. you made the choice yourself for the exactness of ever single filter. In short, it meant you kid could watch that superhero movie w/ you w/o 4-letter words or disturbing violence.

The studio don't like it, crying censorship (even though Sony is trying to offer a worse vesion w/ their "clean" movies initiative).

So what's your opinion? Does the user have the right to filter what they watch? I mean, you can do it now w/ your remote, but should you be able to pay a service to do it for you? I don't see what argument a studio can really have besides an expensive lobbying arm.

If you say No, I'd really like to hear your reasoning in the comments section.

Reticulating poll splines...