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New trailers: Spike Lee’s Netflix show, FLCL’s revival, and more

New trailers: Spike Lee’s Netflix show, FLCL’s revival, and more

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California Typewriter movie still
Photo: American Buffalo Pictures

It’s pretty clear from Baby Driver’s trailers (and title) that it’s going to be a heist movie with tons of car chases in it. One thing the trailers don’t really let on, however, is that it’s also — kind of, sort of — a musical.

There isn’t original music in here or characters regularly bursting out into song and dance. But the movie’s big hook is that music starts from second one and doesn’t let up until the whole film ends. It’s constant, wall-to-wall sound.

Never having a moment of quiet can be kind of unnerving — it’s just a lot to take in. But more than anything, I wish Baby Driver would have played up its musical aspects even more. There are already bits of dancing and choreography (on some level, everything is timed to the music), but I would have loved to see it go so much further: more dancing, more synchronized action, more stylized conversations, and more obviously choreographed drives. It’s neat as it is, but there’s definitely room for more if Edgar Wright ends up making that sequel he keeps teasing.

Check out seven trailers from this week below.

She’s Gotta Have It

Thirty years after its debut, Spike Lee is reworking his first feature film into a TV series. She’s Gotta Have It looks like pure Spike Lee. For fans of his, it’ll be fascinating to see what he’s decided to rework three decades later. The show premieres on Thanksgiving.


FLCL, the cult hit anime your friend made you watch one time because it has amazing music, is coming back more than a decade after its first and only season. The show is getting two more six-episode runs, and a very brief teaser for them was released this week. Another important detail: The Pillows are back to do the soundtrack again. The first of the new seasons is supposed to arrive next year.


Geostorm is a disaster movie that seems to get all of our great modern fears into one film: hacking, climate change, and evil satellites. There’s even a reference to self-driving cars. Anyway, this thing looks wildly over the top in 200 different ways, including the way in which an astronaut appears to be using an explosion to propel himself to safety near the end of this trailer. I hate it. I love it. It comes out October 20th.

California Typewriter

California Typewriter is a star-studded ode to a dying technology, getting names like Tom Hanks (“I probably have 250-plus typewriters in my collection”) and John Mayer (“A typewriter doesn’t judge you. It just goes ‘right away sir.’”) to chat about their love for the old typing machines and occasionally provide some seriously ridiculous quotes. It comes out August 18th.


One of Netflix’s biggest purchases at Sundance this year was Icarus, a documentary that explores the effects of doping and ultimately breaks open the Russian doping scandal that shook the Olympic Games last year. For anyone interested in the games, it sounds like this one will be a must-see. It comes out August 4th.

What Would Diplo Do?

Viceland’s first scripted comedy is What Would Diplo Do?, a mockumentary with a ridiculous premise that is very much laid out in the title. It kinda seems like Popstar, but with EDM. James Van Der Beek plays Diplo. It premieres on August 3rd.

Another Wolf Cop

I have zero idea, but it’s a good name.