Help, need suggestions for new budget convertible for 500 Euros or less. ASAP!


Hi Vergers, hope everybody is having a pretty good sunday/weekend. as the title of the post says, i'm looking for a budget windows convertible.

I need it for on the go, something in the surface format would be ideal, but i know those products are more often than not expensive, so something yoga like would also work.

i will be doing, social networking, office, streaming, some bits of coding (nothing big), photos editing but also nothing gib, video calling (work related, mostly skype and hangouts) lots of reading of papers, pdfs, ebooks maybe too (a tablet a la ipad or android is out of the question). I need windows and great bonus would be is linux/peppermint os instalability not to dificult.

So a decent Wifi card would be good, at least 5 hours battery live, the more the better, ssd, anything above 128 gb, some current cpu, at least full hd display, and as much ram as possible, 4 gb are not enough so hopefully anything with 8 gb is possible.

I'm located in germany, so please something internationaly available, even better if you find it at amazon.de.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion/links.