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Latest T-Mobile Galaxy S8 update breaks third-party Bixby remapping apps

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T-Mobile calls it a “Bixby enhancement”

A recent security update for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 devices will block users from using Bixby remapping apps, reports Android Police. Before the S8’s launch, it looked like the Bixby button could be customized into a different shortcut, but the phones ended up shipping without that capability. That meant users had to resort to third-party apps to add that functionality, and now it looks like Samsung is adamant on making sure the Bixby button stays dedicated to Bixby.

The June update, which T-Mobile describes as “Bixby enhancements,” affects both the S8 and S8 Plus models — other carrier models appear to still be able to the use the apps to remap the Bixby button (though perhaps not for long.)

Samsung has had a difficult time getting Bixby ready for a full rollout in English-speaking markets, missing its spring US launch deadline because engineers were apparently having trouble communicating between the company’s Korea and US offices, and not having enough data to teach Bixby English. Still, the company is pushing on with its Bixby efforts elsewhere, with plans to create a smart speaker powered by the digital assistant.