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Blade Runner-inspired film Slice of Life is now on Kickstarter

Blade Runner-inspired film Slice of Life is now on Kickstarter


An homage not only to Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, but to the science fiction films of the 1980s as well

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Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters this October, but if you’re looking for more grungy science fiction dystopia, there’s another Blade Runner-related project out there to check out: Slice of Life. In January, a group of Croatian filmmakers released a trailer for their fan film project, inspired by Ridley Scott’s original masterpiece. In order to complete it, they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Director Luka Hrgović told The Verge earlier this spring that the film is set in the same universe as Blade Runner, following the “lives of other characters that are trying to make a living in the dangerous streets of futuristic Los Angeles.” Hrgović says that the project is more than just a fan film: it’s an homage to other films of the 1980s like Alien and Terminator. The entire film is being shot with practical effects and miniatures, much like the the original film, and they hope to have it completed by July 2018.

The filmmakers say that they’ve been working on the project for three years thus far, and they’re looking to raise $25,000 to complete the full film. That money will go to build additional miniatures, a professional motion control system, and a soundtrack. A $10 pledge will get you a digital download of the film when it’s completed; other tiers include a making-of book, vinyl soundtrack, and more.