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Our new video series Space Craft launches next week

Our new video series Space Craft launches next week


The season premiere is Tuesday, August 15th

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Space is in my blood. Growing up as the daughter of two NASA engineers, the conversation at dinner was always about rockets, astronauts, and propulsion systems. Fast-forward a decade, and I’ve come full circle. Now I report on spaceflight full time, but I’ve only ever watched from the sidelines.

Now I’m diving in head first and experiencing what it takes to really go to space. From the physical demands of being an astronaut to walking on other “worlds,” I’m exploring it all in our new video series Space Craft, directed by Miriam Nielsen and Kimberly Mas.

This season, I’ll be learning about some of the biggest aspects of astronaut training — everything from preparing for spacewalks in virtual reality and maneuvering in actual space attire. I’ll also get a taste of the types of rigorous exercise astronauts must do on a day-to-day basis in lower Earth orbit, as well as how NASA is helping to shield people from space radiation. And at the end of it all, I’ll finally get to be a passenger on a zero-G flight.

The first episode of Space Craft will come out on Tuesday, August 15th. Buckle up.